Business is in a unique position to build a better school system for Africa, says HUMPHREY KARIUKI

Do rich countries have better schools? Brookings — one of America’s top think tanks, says they do. Perhaps so, in terms of resources.

But do they have better-motivated pupils? That I question.


Millions across Africa live without access to the grid. A businessman from Nairobi has a plan to change that, but first he wants you to turn off the lights.

If it’s currently daytime where you are, please don’t read this. At least, not for now.

Rather, if you can, take it home, turn off all the power in your house, and read by the light of a candle.

Not easy is it?

And notice the silence. No hum of the fridge, no TV, no hot plate, no air-con, not even a radio.

Sadly, this is how hundreds of millions of my fellow Africans live.

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Humphrey Kariuki

Investor in the Energy, Real Estate and Hospitality Sectors. Avid Conservationist. Visit

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